About Us

Our Mission:

The Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce is committed to serving black-owned businesses and their communities through access to education, advocacy and economic development. Our goal is to maximize the potential of every black-owned business, large or small, by providing equitable opportunities for growth at every stage.

Our Values:

We believe in the MBCC ecosystem.

MBCC’s business model, depicted by the “MBCC ecosystem”; that consists of the board, members, business community, and city/state; makes up our foundation and the balance of interests among the organisms. Our ecosystem is our key to success.

We give back to our communities.

We take seriously the responsibilities that come with being a leader. We help our members build better communities, support various charitable causes, and leverage our size, scope, and resources to help make the world a better place.

We strive continually to improve.

We are a learning organization that aims to anticipate and respond to changing customer, employee, and community needs through constant evolution and innovation.

Our vision is to be a leading resource for the prosperity of black-owned businesses and their communities.