Business Spotlight: Revival Training | Lucienne Olson

In French, Lucienne means “light”, which is a great way to describe Lucienne (Luci) Olson of Revival Training. Luci is passionate about shedding light on the “why” of personal training and optimum wellness.

2015 was a busy year for Luci. After giving birth to her second daughter the previous year, Luci enrolled in St. Catherine University, began training for professional bodybuilding competitions (which she won), became level I and II Yin yoga certified, became a facial stretch therapist, and started a business. Needless to say, Luci is driven. 

But it was during her Exercise and Nutrition Science classes she realized there is so much more to fitness than exercise. The lightbulb went on for Luci as she made the connection between physiology (how the body works) with psychology (how the mind works). Upon further self-reflection, Luci credits her childhood mentors, a scientist/entrepreneur grandfather, psychologist grandmother, and acupuncturist mother, with contributing to her personal wellness breakthroughs and professional journey. With Revival Training, Luci brings insights into helping her clients achieve balance in their body, mind, and soul.

Many clients come to Revival Training because they have a fitness goal. One look at Luci and you know she has what it takes to help you win competitions. But more importantly, clients stay with Luci because they find it’s possible to achieve personal optimum wellness and their best life imaginable. Luci’s holistic approach (exercise, nutrition, listening to your body, education, and understanding why we do what we do) is customized to your lifestyle and goals so your optimum health is not only attainable; it’s also sustainable. 

Revival Community

Luci believes the health of her business is rooted in meaningful, personal relationships. These relationships begin with her clients and the whole Revival coaching team, but the real power is found in the bonds created within the diverse tribe of athletes pursuing their wellness goals. Her clients repeatedly tell her about the positive impact the Revival community has had on them.

Luci’s goals with Revival include expanding services to include literature, daily planners, and e-courses (all accessible in her innovative app) in a dedicated space that combines traditional wellness therapies with movement. For more information and insights, visit: | Instagram | Facebook

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